Each time you edit and change something in a deployment a new rollout will get created. This is like a snapshot of your CRD configuration. This gives you the power to undo any changes you did to your deployment configuration like changing the port of an interface or updating your image tag. You can see every rollout in the rollouts table. Through the frontend you won't be able to delete a rollout, you can just hide it. This is due to get some statistics about you rollouts. If you need to delete a rollout completely you need to go to the pocketbase backend and delete the record in the "rollouts" collection.

Rollback diff

When selecting a previous rollout you can click on "rollback" and then a diff shows up which diffs the CRD files and show you exactly what will change:

Hidden rollouts

You can hide your rollouts to keep the table organized. You can also delete a rollout from the table, but then it will also affect your stats page on the overview page.

When you have hidden rollouts you can show them by toggle the "Show hidden" slider:

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