Platform Installation

One-Click can run inside or outside of a Kubernetes cluster.

You will need the following to run OneClick:


You can also run the one-click container outside of the corresponding Kubernetes cluster and make sure it has access to the ~/.kube/config of the executing user and the env LOCAL=true set.

  1. Install the Operator Follow the installation instructions provided in the one-click-operator repository or in the Setup Guide

  2. Install the UI & Backend Check out the deployment folder and change the values for your environment. Then run the following commands:

    cd deployment
    kubectl apply -k .
  3. Access the UI

    # if you are using an ingress
    kubectl get ingress -n one-click
    # if you want to use port-forwarding
    kubectl port-forward -n one-click svc/one-click-ui 8080:80
  4. Access Pocketbase on your URL or localhost:8080 with /_ as the path. Example: localhost:8080/_. You should see the Pocketbase UI and set your admin user. Then create a new user under users collection. You can now login with your new user.

Head over to the Pocketbasedocs to get more information why we use pocketbase and how you can adminstrate it.


The helm chart is not yet done. I've you got some time you can help us out!

helm repo add one-click
helm upgrade --install one-click/one-click

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